Winnershow 2013 - Romania

Hans Wiblishauser (D), Pierluigi Pezzano (I), Thomas Becht (D), Günther Ehrenreich (AT), Gabriela Ridarcikova (SK), Laszlo Papp (RO)
Judges & Presidium 2013

Judges & Presidium 2013

Showground IDC 2013

Showground IDC 2013

Black male

Black Male Winner

Orson von Nemesis
Brown male

Brown Male Winner

Grand Mollis Armani
Black male

Black Male Junior Winner

Toscano del Diamante Nero
Brown male junior

Brown Male Junior Winner

Aquire vom Westwall
Black male

Black Female Winner

Wita del Monte Aspro
Brown female

Brown Female Winner

Havana dei due Intenti
Black male

Black Female Junior Winner

J'Adore Gucci V Nobel Line
Brown female junior

Brown Female Junior Winner

Dorothea vom Nibelungenring
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