Winnershow 2002 - Italy

H. Wiblishauser (D), F. Striby (F), J. Bulo (E), H. Menke (NL), F. Coppo (I); B. Corsini (I)
Black male

Black Male Winner

Bombastic van Hanseaten
Brown male

Brown Male Winner

S'Lichobar Fantom
Black male

Black Male Junior Winner

Eko Royal Bell
Brown male junior

Brown Male Junior Winner

Sant Kreal Ziko
Black male

Black Female Winner

Happy Red della Fortezzia Vecchia
Brown female

Brown Female Winner

Tiffanytula di Coldicania
Black male

Black Female Junior Winner

Montana Monamour von Cobra
Brown female junior

Brown Female Junior Winner

Tahi-Rémi Trinity
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